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Weekday Menu

Power through your week with our Weekday Whirl menu. Perfect for quick lunches or relaxed morning starts, this menu offers efficient yet delicious options designed to complement your busy schedule.

Power Bowls

Boost your midday meal with our Power Bowls. Focused on fueling your productivity, these bowls blend taste and nutrition to keep you focused until the end of your workday.

Tocino Rice Bowl  image

Tocino Rice Bowl

Chicken Tocino, an all-time favourite: Chicken bathed in a sweet marinade, creating a perfect balance of juicy and flavourful indulgence

Beef Tapa Rice Bowl image

Beef Tapa Rice Bowl

Beef Tapa, a classic combo: Juicy beef strips marinated in a rich soy blend

Longganisa Rice Bowl image

Longganisa Rice Bowl

Chicken Longanissa, an all-time favourite: Sweet chorizo bursts with a unique blend of spices

Mushroom Rice Bowl image

Mushroom Rice Bowl

Mushrooms marinated in a rich, tangy adobo sauce.

Bacon Tocino Rice Bowl image

Bacon Tocino Rice Bowl

Savoury-sweet goodness bacon tocino, perfectly cured for a delightful flavour.

BBQ Pork Belly Rice Bowl image

BBQ Pork Belly Rice Bowl

Grilled pork belly brushed with a sweet and sticky BBQ sauce, boasting a perfect balance of smokiness and tenderness.

Adobo Fried Chicken Rice Bowl image

Adobo Fried Chicken Rice Bowl

Juicy chicken fried to a golden crisp, marinated in a rich blend of soy sauce, vinegar, and traditional adobo spices.

Sweet Sour Fried Chicken Rice Bowl image

Sweet Sour Fried Chicken Rice Bowl

Golden-fried chicken with a deliciously sweet and spicy chilli coating, offering a perfect blend of heat and sweetness.

Tofu Sisig Rice Bowl image

Tofu Sisig Rice Bowl

Crispy tofu sautéed with onions, chilies, and a savoury sauce, offering a flavourful, plant-based version of the beloved Filipino sisig.

All-Time Favourites

Enjoy our All-Time Favourites, featuring the best of our weekend menu now served all week. Whether it's for a quick lunch or a casual dine-in, these beloved classics are sure to satisfy any time, any day.

Toast and Preserves Classic image

Toast and Preserves Classic

Choice of homemade jam, Vegemite, peanut butter, or sweet coco jam, with sourdough slice and butter.

Eggs your way Classic image

Eggs your way Classic

Choice of poached, scrambled, or fried eggs, all served with sourdough bread

Chicken Burger

Juicy fried chicken with fresh lettuce, zesty pickled papaya, and our special sauce, all in a fluffy bun.

Breakfast Burrito image

Breakfast Burrito

Sweet chorizo longganisa, fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy hash brown, and creamy avocado, all tucked in with melted mozzarella and a side of zingy mango hot sauce.

Pala Chilli Eggs [GFO] image

Pala Chilli Eggs [GFO]

Chilli crisp, fluffy scrambled eggs, served with a slice of sourdough bread.

Featured Sips

Discover our Featured Sips, showcasing our best specialty beverages. Each one is crafted to offer a unique taste experience. Enjoy the distinct flavours that make our drinks a standout choice.

Ube latte image

Ube latte

Savour the lush, vibrant flavours of our Ube Latte, where the earthy sweetness of ube meets the rich, comforting embrace of steamed milk. This beautifully purple concoction is topped with a delicate froth, adding a light, airy touch to its deep, enchanting flavour profile.

Berrylicious matcha image

Berrylicious matcha

Macerated strawberries, Matcha, Choice of milk

Pandan Bliss image

Pandan Bliss

Iced blend of aromatic Pandan leaves and smooth coconut milk – pure, simple, and sublime.

Filipino fizz image

Filipino fizz

Tangy calamansi extract and soda water.

Tropical Twist Tea image

Tropical Twist Tea

Pineapple infused tea with basil seeds

Tea image


Choice of:
Sencha (green tea), lemon myrtle, lavender, eucalyptus leaves.

Organic English Breakfast
Black tea.

Green tea and roasted rice.

Heavenly Grey
36% milk chocolate, earl grey tea, orange segments, lemon myrtle, blue corn ower & blue mallow ower.

Purple Rain
Blueberries, Australian green tea and passion fruit mixed with butterfly pea flowers, a blend rich in antioxidants and a subtle sweet taste.

Organic Lemon Grass and Ginger
Lemongrass and ginger.

Organic Pepper Mint
Peppermint leaves.

Green tea.

Green tea.

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