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Weekend Menu

Dive into the joy of the weekend with our Weekend Wonders menu, featuring delightful specials that celebrate leisurely mornings and family time. Enjoy an array of unique dishes crafted to make your weekends truly memorable.

All day breakfast

Explore our Signature dishes, where each dish is a masterpiece of flavours, crafted to make your weekend meals unforgettable. From luxurious breakfasts to hearty brunch options, start your weekend right with us.

U-be the One image

U-be the One

Savoury ube waffles, crispy fried chicken, avocado, chilli maple syrup, pickled peppers, and grated cheddar.

Pork Croquettes image

Pork Croquettes

Tender pulled pork, braised in a soy-calamansi mix, encased in crispy croquettes. Served with apple-fennel remoulade, pickled red onion, and sage. Accompanied by crispy white sweet potatoes, subtly flavoured with maple and cinnamon.

Breakfast Burrito image

Breakfast Burrito

Sweet chorizo longganisa, fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy hash brown, and creamy avocado, all tucked in with melted mozzarella and a side of zingy mango hot sauce.

Breakfast of the Champion [VO] image

Breakfast of the Champion [VO]

Sweet chorizo longganisa, hash brown, garlic greens, mushrooms, and tomatoes, along with crispy pork belly chips and bacon. Choice of bread or rice: Sourdough, Black rice, or Garlic Java Rice, Choice of eggs: Poached, Scrambled, or Fried. Vegatarian Option: Avocado | Garlic greens | Mushrooms | Tomatoes | Brocollini | Crispy eggplant | Red atchara

Bowl of Goodness [VEO,GF] image

Bowl of Goodness [VEO,GF]

Tangy red atchara, creamy golden hummus, and crunchy tamari pepitas, with calamansi dressing. Choice of rice: Black rice or Garlic Java rice Choice of protein: Chicken Breast Inasal, Chicken Maryland Inasal, Pork Belly Liempo or Adobo Mushroom.

Chicken Adobo Benedict image

Chicken Adobo Benedict

Tender poached eggs, fluffy pan de sal, layered with savoury chicken adobo flakes and pickled papaya, all drizzled with a smoky chilli hollandaise and served over wilted garlic greens.

Smashed Chori Burger image

Smashed Chori Burger

Blend of wagyu and longganisa patty in a soft potato bun, layered with our special sauce, tangy atchara, crisp lettuce, and with a side of sweet potato fries.

Grilled Eggplant and Papaya salad [GF,VE] image

Grilled Eggplant and Papaya salad [GF,VE]

Char-grilled eggplant and green papaya tossed with cherry tomatoes, crisp red onion, fresh coriander, and mint, paired with tofu and drizzled in our tangy tamarind sunflower dressing, served with a crunchy black rice cracker.

Lugaw Risotto [GF, VEO, DF] image

Lugaw Risotto [GF, VEO, DF]

Turmeric-ginger-safflower-infused arborio rice porridge, garnished with savoury adobo chicken flakes, a gently cooked egg, and topped with crispy tofu and golden garlic.

Ube Champorado porridge [GF,DF] image

Ube Champorado porridge [GF,DF]

A luscious ube and coconut pandan rice porridge, garnished with coconut crumbs, jackfruit, cacao nibs, and kiwi

Adobo Tofu and Mushroom Bruschetta [VE,DF,GFO] image

Adobo Tofu and Mushroom Bruschetta [VE,DF,GFO]

Crispy tofu, Fremantle oyster mushrooms, and garlic cashew cheese on sourdough, pickles, crunchy cornick, and fresh garden leaves.

Pakbet [DF,GF] image

Pakbet [DF,GF]

Smashed pumpkin, crispy eggplant, and grilled seasonal vegetables, all brought together in a spicy, creamy coconut turmeric sauce with a hint of shrimp paste.

Pala Chilli Eggs [GFO] image

Pala Chilli Eggs [GFO]

Chilli crisp, fluffy scrambled eggs, served with a slice of sourdough bread.

Featured Sips

Discover our Featured Sips, showcasing our best specialty beverages. Each one is crafted to offer a unique taste experience. Enjoy the distinct flavours that make our drinks a standout choice.

Ube latte image

Ube latte

Savour the lush, vibrant flavours of our Ube Latte, where the earthy sweetness of ube meets the rich, comforting embrace of steamed milk. This beautifully purple concoction is topped with a delicate froth, adding a light, airy touch to its deep, enchanting flavour profile.

Berrylicious matcha image

Berrylicious matcha

Macerated strawberries, Matcha, Choice of milk

Pandan Bliss image

Pandan Bliss

Iced blend of aromatic Pandan leaves and smooth coconut milk – pure, simple, and sublime.

Filipino fizz image

Filipino fizz

Tangy calamansi extract and soda water.

Tropical Twist Tea image

Tropical Twist Tea

Pineapple infused tea with basil seeds

Tea image


Choice of:
Sencha (green tea), lemon myrtle, lavender, eucalyptus leaves.

Organic English Breakfast
Black tea.

Green tea and roasted rice.

Heavenly Grey
36% milk chocolate, earl grey tea, orange segments, lemon myrtle, blue corn ower & blue mallow ower.

Purple Rain
Blueberries, Australian green tea and passion fruit mixed with butterfly pea flowers, a blend rich in antioxidants and a subtle sweet taste.

Organic Lemon Grass and Ginger
Lemongrass and ginger.

Organic Pepper Mint
Peppermint leaves.

Green tea.

Green tea.

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